Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three Value to Color Exercise

During our first class last week, 
I discovered the thing the students wanted to learn the most 
was how to translate value into color. 
So today I combined a few lessons and tried something new.  
I gave them each an 11 x 15 middle grey toned piece of watercolor paper,
and set up a simple primary color still life in strong light. 

I had them prepare a five value, black to white, scale
leaving the middle square blank. (middle grey) 
They then did two "maps" next to each other. 
In the first box, they were to choose two values for everything in light
 and one for everything in shadow.
The second box, they were to choose one value for everything in light 
and two for everything in shadow. 

The challenge was to mix a color, then make a mark next to the value
 you want to compare it to, 
checking it by looking through a red transparency.
You have to make decisions about the colors,
 and assign them one of the three values you chose!    

This was pretty advanced,
and I was impressed by how they jumped right in.
We made some amazing discoveries!
Did you know that cad red light 
is the same value as cad yellow light?   

Some of them have only recently started painting! 

We played around a lot with the I phone App,
An invaluable tool that I am getting very fond of!  
I strongly urge you to try it out! 

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