Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Surprise Plein Air Outing

It was magically 70 degrees today, 
so I dropped everything to paint outside. 
Thankfully, I ended up in my pal Sally's yard. 
The New England landscape is still very muted and brown,
 so her cool kiwi green umbrella and chairs got me inspired.   

Sally's Deck
8 x 10 
This needs fixing for sure, 
but I was just so happy to be out there
in a t-shirt, listening to music, soaking up the sun.
It was a joyous spring surprise. 

NOTE:  Last season I didn't get to do much plein air painting 
because Cello was such a puppy.
Sally's fenced in yard was perfect for our inaugural outing!   
Once she explored the area
 she was content to just soak up the sun! 
Happy times are here again. 

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  1. Lucky you. I'm getting most of my Vit D from a bottle right now. I'm envious of your ability to see a painting subject almost anywhere!