Monday, January 30, 2012

Salsa Dancing

I recently stayed at a hotel in Puerto Rico,
where on Saturday nights they host  
a live band and salsa dancing in the lobby.  
Everyone is dressed up and the music and moves are amazing. 
It is so fun to watch and makes me want to take lessons!    
Salsa Dancing 
5 x 7 
The whole time I was there,
 I tried to image how I could paint the scene. 
I just started snapping away (without the flash) 
and got these great blurry images! 

Then I just had to simplify everything and try to include
only the elements needed to capture all that rhythm and movement!

I love painting from photos after a vacation.
It prolongs the magic moments!  



  1. This is wonderful Nancy! You did a fantastic job simplifying - no easy task! It has a great rhythm.

  2. The bright colors also give a feeling of passion; it's very very good.

  3. Nancy, Nancy, NANCY! This is IT - this is so fabulous! Passionate, personal, unique! More, please...

  4. Wow! I love this ! Both the subject, the style, everything! Thanks for posting the original photo, too! Looking forward to hearing about your salsa lessons!

  5. This is so FUN! Fabulous design, love it Nancy.