Friday, January 20, 2012

"Rows of Trees"

Rows of trees have always been a favorite subject of mine.
I think it's the contrast of the horizon with all the verticals.  
A few weeks ago I saw this scene and pulled over to get an image of it. 
Today, I did this quick simplified version, making
it all about that afternoon winter light on those gorgeous tress.  

"Standing Tall"
6 x 8 

While organizing my studio recently,
I came across this photo of the  
 very first oil painting I ever sold! 
"Four Trees" 6 x 8 oil 
Sold for $75! 
I've become a better painter since then,  
but clearly I'm still attracted to the same subject matter!  

Side Note: This is a terrible image of a glossy photo 
as this was before we had digital cameras!
The real thing was much better.

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