Wednesday, May 5, 2010

High drama on Rt. 3A

Last night on my way home from the NRAS drop off around 7:30, the light was incredible! We had had some thunderstorms late in the day and just as the sun was setting- WHAMO! The clouds dispersed and the sky lit up like a bomb had gone off!

If you painted this the way it actually looked, no one would believe it. I'm pretty sure there was a rainbow out there somewhere as well. And that's always a good sign. 

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  1. I'm SO glad someone else saw that! It was so beautiful it was almost creepy! I had to put my sunglasses on (at 7:30 at night) because the setting sun was so bright but it was definitely too dark to wear them. I had a hard time seeing the road at times. when I looked at the rear view mirror, the landscape behind me was lit like nothing I had ever seen and yet part of the sky was so dark...weird, but cool.