Monday, May 3, 2010

Paint Like Yourself

I had lunch last week with a wonderful artist friend, Page Railsback. She told me that when her students say they want to paint like someone else, she tells them they can only paint like themselves. I thought about that all weekend. It's true. As important as it is to learn from others, it is far more liberating and fulfilling to just be yourself and paint the way you feel like painting at that moment.

Happy Hour #2
8 x 8 


  1. Love the simplicity of this. Very nice!

  2. this is great nancy- straight to the point and totally you!

  3. Quite true, I subscribe to this myself, even though I might admire someone else, my mark making is only my own and my personal voice is one I can't squelch (for very long at least). . . it's like handwriting, I might admire someone else's fluid, flowery script, but I just can't write like that. . .