Sunday, May 23, 2010

To The Beach We Go

I took this image last summer and finally just got around to painting it. I'm warming up for our Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge this month - we have to do a plein air painting AT THE BEACH. I have trouble doing figures from life (they just don't stay in one place!) so mine will most likely be a landscape or will include buildings. Long stretches of sand and ocean don't really make exciting compositions to me. I'm feeling a trip to Nantasket Beach coming on. 

Boogie Boys
6 x 6 


  1. Looks like they are having fun. Nantasket is a good place to staart.

  2. My favorite is the figure on the left with the red suit - it just shouts 'Action'! Good one, Nanny!

  3. OK, I'll try again - third time's the charm, hopefully! I like the figure on the left the best - he just shouts "ACTION"! Nice one, Nanny, and great reflections in the shallow water!

  4. Very fun! The electric colors of the suits are great against the grays of water. the relationship between the figures is nice, too; they really seem like friends. Very, very nice.