Friday, May 21, 2010

Kelly Day

Today was "Kelly Day" I guess. I painted over at World's End in Hingham with two wonderful artist friends, Kelley MacDonald and Jen Kelly. Then tonight there is an opening reception at Oceanside 17 Gallery in Hull honoring my good friend Brooks Kelly's 75 birthday!

My two "Kelly Green" paintings below


I guess we should have had lunch at Kelly's Roast Beef. 
(That was Jen's line.) 


  1. From one of the Kelly's: You really made the hill look like a hill - which I couldn't do to save my life! These paintings look great. but really do look even better in person! I had fun on your "Kelly Day"!

  2. I wish I was at Kelley day but I did get to see Brooks Kellys show.
    I love how you do trees- you get such volume!