Friday, February 25, 2011

A New Endeavor

I've recently signed on to give "art lessons" to Alzheimer patients at nearby Linden Ponds.
We meet every other Wednesday for an hour. 
Yesterday we talked about landscapes. 
I passed around postcards with images of different, simple landscapes by various artists. 

They all get so serious!

I love this.
This woman told me her painting made her "happy".
The sky in this is amazing.

I couldn't believe this woman attempted this.
But she loved the house.

This has become incredibly fulfilling, on so many levels. 
I'm working on a separate blog that will focus on this experience alone.
Title and address TBA. 


  1. I admire you so much for doing this! I am also impressed with the paintings your students did. I know that this will be a joyous and gratifying experience for both student and teacher! :-)

  2. Nancy, I got goosebumps, and then tears in my eyes when I read your post. What a wonderful experience this must be . . . for you, the patients and their families.

  3. Nancy, What a great thing you are doing, the ladies did a wonderful job with their paintings. I will be interested in your blog about the class. Your generosity and caring is most inspiring. Thank you

  4. Nancy,
    You got me with this one. I hope one day to be able to "volunteer teach" at the place where my mom is- She has alzheimers and I can see what a difference this made for you and the seniors that participated. I would love to see your blog and be able to give back in the same way one day soon. Please keep me posted and thanks for doing this!

  5. What a wonderful act of giving.....and I love the paintings.

  6. WOW.. What an incredibly cool, wonderful way to be sharing your love of art and service. What a neat way to make other people creative.This is big

  7. Art is so important on so many levels...this is just one of them. What a great opportunity for those folks to get to use art supplies and get great instruction. Fantastic!

  8. Lisa Daria mentioned your upcoming workshop. She's jazzed! So I checked your blog and saw...

    A) your "snowblower" painting, so I know you've got a survivor's sense of humor in the face of this winter,

    B) you've got a big heart--you're doing this awesome class with Alzheimer's patients, and

    C) you're wicked talented!

  9. Nanny,
    this is awesome. What a wonderful gift you are giving them!! I agree with SamArtDog ;)