Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Hour Workshop "Practice" Demo

 I'm preparing for the two day "One Hour Painting" workshop 
I'm giving at the South Shore Art Center this weekend. 
It's a full class, with many who are new to painting, so it's going to be fun!
(The good thing about "beginners" is that they don't have to "unlearn" bad habits!)
Practice Demo for
"One Hour Painting" workshop 
Whether a beginner or a seasoned painter, I hope to present "tools" 
that will help them simplify the painting process. 
The result should be looser, more intuitive and spontaneous paintings!
Stay tuned.  


  1. Great color combination and I like the simplicity of your composition. I would love to be able to attend one of your workshops and learn your tools.

  2. I will second Linda's comments! Those colors are wonderful, and I always love your compositions. Lucky students!

  3. Great little painting..wish I could take the workshop