Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amazing Gift

My son surprised me today with the most amazing gift! 
It's a miniature moss terrarium, with a tiny artist sitting on a rock 
painting en plein air! 

It came in a cool glass jar with a lid. 
The moss will grow to the point where you can trim it. 

That's how small the figure is! 

All I have to do it spray it once in a while 
and keep it out of direct sun. 
I just love this thing! 
Check them out at 
I'm a pretty lucky Mom! 


  1. I really like how this portrays a world unto itself. Exactly where painting puts all of us. Very cool.

  2. Very cool gift and so thoughtful! Love it!

  3. Oh my gosh, it's so tiny . . . I love how you placed it on your iPhone to show its actual size! What a special gift from a thoughtful son. Now the pressure must be on to keep the terrarium healthy, yikes! Take care.

  4. Lovely gif, nice painting portrait, greeting from Belgium,Have a nice week

  5. WOW! How wonderful of your son! VERY sweet