Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Normal Now

Nothing like a hurricane to shake things up for a few days! 
During all the upheaval, I managed to get some work done. 

"Perfectly Happy"
 12 x 12 

My friend Franny is organizing a fundraiser called 
"Art Off the Wall" 
for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 
She asked us all to donate a 12 x 12 painting 
to be auctioned off in sort of a "Yankee Swap" format. 
I kind of want people to be fighting over mine. 

Painting this during the hurricane made me 
forget about the howling winds. 


  1. My little boys and I had the most glorious day at the beach on Friday. Lots of new shots for beach paintings ;)

    We lost our big shade birch out back and had no power for 30 hours. All back to normal now though.

  2. Don't worry; the fans will fight over this painting! It's shady and calm and peaceful.

  3. Thank you! I think the best part about this painting is that the "figure" has no legs! So much for details.

  4. Talk about working under pressure, with the howling winds. What an accomplishment! It looks like the figure has her legs folded under her, on the chair seat! Lovely work! Glad to hear things are back to normal.

  5. Love this sweet painting and so glad you survived the hurricane.