Sunday, August 7, 2011

Workshop Announcement

I'm excited about an upcoming "One Hour Painting" workshop 
to be held from 10 - 4 on Sept 24 and 25 
at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA.

This workshop will explore the practice of creating a painting 
from start to finish in one hour
teaching you how to think more spontaneously
 and produce more lively and intuitive work.
 It will help you simplify the process, and be able to “say a lot with little”. 
Generous, quick, well placed strokes will give you
fresher, simpler, more effective paintings.
The workshop will include demos, exercises, and “timed” one hour group painting sessions.
We will work from still life and photos, primarily in oils, 
although the lessons may be applied to acrylics as well.
An understanding of the materials would be helpful.

If interested, sign up early!

1 comment:

  1. Your very cheery tomatoes look like a chorus line. Like them a lot and like the freedom of your brushstrokes.