Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Value to Color

Back To Basics 
Class #3 

"Value does all the work, color gets all the credit"
I love that!
This week we worked on seeing value in color.

We first did a value study
using only a 
darkest dark, lightest light, and middle value.
Your big shapes have to fall into one of those values. 
Because the value jumps are so exaggerated, 
the result is a very dramatic design.

We then did the same set up using color,
trying to maintain the drama.
We mixed up the color, then compared the value of it
directly on the black and white study.
(the dots above)

It is amazing how far off you can be! 

This exercise really helps you see color as a value.
Everyone "got it" and the results were amazing!
Unfortunately, I didn't get great images of them with my I Phone
but you get the idea!



  1. These are great, Nancy. I worked on color also and FORGOT my camera so I have no pics. They did a good job though, next time.....

  2. Interesantes los ejercicios para ver el color como valor.