Saturday, February 23, 2013

Surf Side Colony

Surf Side Colony 

is a seaside cottage community in Wellfleet, Ma 
that was founded in the late 40's early 50"s. 
Many of them are tiny  (800 sq ft) 
and are on the beach or within walking distance. 
They are now privately owned and some are available for rent. 

Beachcomber Cottage 
6 x 8 

I am a big fan of Mid Century simplicity,
especially at the beach.  
What more does anyone need? 


  1. Why, I think a beachcomber cottage is a perfectly fine way to accept winter. Just looking at it warmed me right up!

  2. captured the light from that cloudless sky perfectly.

  3. You captured a moment of a simpler, less complicated life. Shades of times remembered.

  4. so fabulous. I almost thought it was the pink house in Rexhame ;)
    Yes, simplicity.......