Friday, November 2, 2012

Painting Faces

8 x 16 

For years I have avoided "doing faces" in my figurative work.
For all the obvious reasons.
I've decided to finally make that a personal challenge.  

Thought I'd post some of my disastrous attempts.
I tried to just focus on the planes of the face
Not the details.

No. This is NOT Angelina Jolie!

A little better, but the mouth is still awkward! 

Tried a different angel for this one, thinking that was the problem. 
Now she looks like she just had oral surgery!  

Too much botox!!! ? 
Boy. This is difficult.  

The slightest little move of the brush changes everything!
I clearly need to do A LOT more work on this
and I'm not giving up.

Stay tuned.  

Note: I did these for the GJWP "HAT" Challenge this month. 
Needless to say, none of them could be be posted!  


  1. Je zonlicht is steeds weer zo mooi!

  2. This is where that little mirror is SO useful. It tells you right away where the adjustment is to be made. And I agree with Ineke.

  3. My first thought is to stop thinking of them as faces and simply objects. You'll know just what to was really cool seeing your process here. Thanks for posting. And I agree with Ineke also.

  4. I want to agree with Ineke but....You are so courageous to dive into this subject. Your blog is such an inspiration to us...if I may speak for the fans