Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Win Win Situation

Every year the 
holds a Holiday Art Sale.
Artist members can submit up to 25 pieces 
and are encouraged to keep the prices low. 

I've submitted some of my old favorites,
that have just been in the studio too long. 
Older work that I'm fond of but need to let go. 
They are all in one-of-a kind distressed wood frames
and are priced to sell!
Like these: 
9 x 12 

"Happy Hour" 
8 x 8 

The buyer gets a great bargain, 
and I get the paintings into new homes!  
(and NRAS makes some money!) 
It's all GOOD.  

Opening reception this Friday 7 - 10 pm. 
Don't miss this OR the opening at SSAC the same night! 
Looks like a busy night for Small Works bargains!   

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