Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Back To Basics" continued

I'm trying out a few exercises I may do with the 
"Back to Basics" class I'm teaching in January.
I'm starting with one from Peggi's Value and Color DVD.

 I took the drawing of the sphere and block,
and massed in everything in shadow in one color.  

I adjusted the shadow values, 
then moved on to the masses in light.

The whole time I reminded myself about 
cast shadows, form shadows, 
shadow core, reflected light, 
half tones and accents. 

Then, I took two objects similar to the sphere and cube; 
a yellow cup and a red box, 
and painted them in color, using the same approach. 

This is an incredibly valuable exercise.
A good drawing and a clear understanding of those terms
(and how they help suggest form) 
are the foundation for strong paintings. 

I need to get really comfortable with this. 
before I have to demo it in front of the class! 


  1. Looks like you have it mastered! Best wishes for a great class!

  2. Thanks for sharing the process for preparing a lesson plan. You sound like my kind of teacher, willing to take the extra time.