Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm So Ready For Summer!

Surfs Up!
10 x 10
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 I found this image from last summer in my files recently.
I couldn't resist painting it.
The days, when getting to the beach is your only goal, seem so far away!

Note: See my new post on Patience with Patients blog.
I'm definitely learning as I go!  


  1. Your painting looks so bright and sunny! Makes me want to hop in the VW and go!

    Loved all your chicken paintings, too!

  2. Loved this! Brings me back to high school!

    Thanks for sharing your posts of your time working with the alzheimers patients,it seems be challenging yet rewarding.

  3. I love the paint handling in this one, Nanny! And Tim had this exact color Bug in the early 70's!

  4. My first car was a 1964 red VW. I paid $800 cash for it from my summer tips! Have loved them ever since!

  5. BTW. It was USED! I bought it in 1971!