Friday, October 7, 2011

Going Bigger

For a while now, folks have been asking me why I don't paint bigger.
I think I've finally run out of reasons!
I found some old 16 x 20 toned stretched canvas panels,
2 #12 bristle brushes, and put out a lot of paint.

First "Big" Beach Peek 
16 x 20! 

I used a grid and mapped this very carefully.
The larger the painting the more accurate the drawing needs to be! 
I found it hard to be loose and get enough paint on there.
This is a stretch for me, but I like this new set of muscles!    

PS. I will be painting outside tomorrow (Sat) afternoon 
on Rt 3 in Scituate with a few of the other 
Stop by and say hello! 


  1. I love it.
    You are getting great LIGHT with these!

  2. Nancy, I am really enjoying your beach peek paintings. I can just feel the sun radiating in every one of them. It is really fun to watch one of your series unfold. Thanks for sharing how you did the grid for the large one!

  3. Another wonderful piece Nancy. As a lover of lots of light in my paintings I am naturally drawn to yours!

  4. Gorgeous!! Is this available. I agree that the light is perfectly wonderful.