Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Even Bigger!

In keeping with my challenge to paint BIGGER, 
last week I bought two 24 x 30 inch canvases.
(That's really BIG for me!)  

24 x 30 

Painting this big makes me feel like a "real" painter!  
The bigger the painting, the more accurate it has to be, 
so I took my time and planned ahead.
 I wanted to put the strokes down and leave them, 
like I do with smaller paintings.  
It was hard not to go over and over again. 
Like painting a house!   

Note: I purposely left the pole in the middle of the composition  
because I love to break rules.
It causes tension.    


  1. Big girl painting! You did great!!!! Yay for you- Inspiring.....

  2. awesome, nancy! you are the queen of clean crisp values. just beautiful

  3. Nancy, this is great! You inspire me so much.

  4. The thing about BIG is you must stand back farther to view it, and often! You did good!

  5. Yyes..think we can laugh at the thought that you are not the best "real painter". I loved watching you do a DEMO in Boston last week...I consider it your signature to place something in the center of the painting. For you, it works

  6. So nice, an edgy composition of an ordinary subject. You made it so dramatic.

  7. Such wonderful composition, unusual, and dramatic! This all works so well, everything is just perfect!