Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black, White, Shades of Light

Value Study 
8 x 8 

All that reading about the Macchiaolli Painters 
and then doing the Three Value Exercise 
with my class yesterday got me thinking about doing this.
I used black for everything in shadow,
added a little white to it for everything half in and half out, 
and tinted the white a "local" color for everything in the light. 
This is such a fun way to paint. 
It really makes you think! 


  1. Wonderful, almost poetical - I have to read up on this exercise!

  2. Agreed, this little painting has so much impact. I enjoyed reading about the Macchiaioli painters too, thanks for gathering and sharing so much interesting information.

  3. This painting seriously rocks. Very strong. Love the beautiful, thoughtful contrasts/value shifts.

  4. I'm lovin your architectural landscapes Nancy! Very nice work!