Thursday, February 23, 2012

Designing with Shapes of Color

My fun friend Sally came over the other day to paint.
We decided to try doing an abstract figure based on a 
very washed out sepia toned photo a friend had given me. 
There were no clear passages of light or dark,
so the challenge was to "design" the painting with shapes of color.  

"Red Hat" 
8 x 10 

I used a gesso board, synthetic brushes, and lots of paint 
to keep myself from any detail. 
This was an interesting exercise! 
With a little stretch of the imagination, 
it almost feels like one of 
Richard Diebenkorn's figures!?   

PS. Sally and I both work with Alzheimer patients 
and she gave my group a wonderful tour of an art show yesterday. 
You can read about it on my other blog here.  


  1. What a great exercise! I like the simplicity of your painting.

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  3. Excellent design work, Nancy, and the shapes are all so interesting, giving the painting a very fresh look. (First comment had pre-coffee typos.)