Thursday, June 2, 2016

Designing a Painting

My painting pal, Page Railsback and I 
were asked to do a painting presentation yesterday
for our Garden Club.
Our theme this year is "Designing Woman",
with programs focussing on using design in gardening
and other creative endeavors. 

14 x 11 
acrylic and oil  

We set up a simple still life and Page started it in acrylic,
then I "finished" it oils! 
What a fun experiment!  

We also gave each member small cards, pencils and watercolors
and asked them to "design" a painting using just three straight lines
and coloring in the resulting shapes.  

This is an incredibly talented group of gardeners, 
so it was fun to expose them to another form of design! 


  1. I love the idea. Do you have a picture of the setup?

  2. That's a pretty terrific demo! You ladies make a great team!