Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laundry on a Line

Everyone loves paintings of laundry drying on a line,
so we thought that would be a great topic for the Alzheimer patients. 
While researching images of paintings to show them,
 I ran across this amazing artist and just had to share! 

Her work just knocks me out! 

Meanwhile, we ended up using some images of wonderful paintings 
done by my friend and assistant Judith Schroeter.
Check out the work they did yesterday on my other blog

This is my favorite! 


  1. God almighty...You are always SO generous with your research and artist discoveries. Maggie Siner is amazing...just like you. Thanks Amigo

  2. Nancy, Love this artist, and so admire your work with the Alzheimer patients. What a noble purpose!

  3. Sounds like great work you are doing with the Alheimers patients. Also, thanks for sharing Maggie's're right, it's amazing!

  4. Great post, Nancy, as usual a lot to consider !

  5. Love Maggie Siner's work!! I did a workshop with her and highly reccomend going if you get a chance.
    I was drawn to your site this morning by your Soft Sunlight post...very nice!!