Thursday, March 7, 2013

My TBC file

I collect images that I think
would make a good painting
in a TBC file. (To Be Considered)
That way, whenever I need a little inspiration,
I'm all set!

I'm not a skier, but it sure makes great subject matter. 
I found this in the file and couldn't resist all that red, white and blue! 
"Laboratory Conditions"
12 x 12 

This has been an ideal winter for skiers 
and I am thrilled for them. 
But I'm more thrilled,
 that it's almost over.  


  1. I have a photo in my current PTP file that is so similar to this! I am going to paint it next week. It is snowing like crazy today and I am about to head out to the slopes. You are right, it has been a great winter for skiing and that is my backyard so I am lucky. I love this painting and the lovely colors!

  2. Hope that you are not buried too deeply in the white stuff; I see you had yet ANOTHER storm.