Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sheep Paintings

A Pear or an Apple?
6 x 6
$225 framed 

6 x 6
$225  framed
$400 for both 
There is something so fun about painting sheep. 
I think it's their funny body shapes and complacent expressions.  
 My friend and gallery owner, Franny told me to get back to painting sheep because they sell!
I generally avoid "painting to sell" because it can become tedious, but I actually enjoyed doing these! 
These three ladies will be available at my Holiday Open Studio this Friday!
 (2 - 8 pm!)
Come on by if you are in the area!
Have some cheer, check out these AND the Bargain Box!  

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  1. LOVE these and not surprised at all that they are popular!