Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Paintings

I've been thinking about "snow paintings" lately. 
Last night we got our first "dusting" so I caught this scene on my way home from doing errands this morning.

First Snow
10 x 10

There is a general theory out there that snow paintings don't sell. 
That may be true, but they are fun to paint. 
This was a challenge because there was NO light source (except the sky) 
and everything was very dulled down to almost the same purple grey.  

BTW:  While I was warm and cozy in the studio painting this, we got about 4 inches! 
Here we go!  


  1. VERY nice! I like snow paintings. Of course, snow here in Texas doesn't happen very often so it is really fun to see beautiful snow paintings.

  2. Thanks so much Linda! It's fun to know someone in sunny Texas enjoys our New England weather! Thanks for following and commenting.

  3. Yay snow!
    I would buy it if I could!