Saturday, January 29, 2011

Took a Little Break

I just returned from a wonderful week long vacation with my family
 (and a self imposed moratorium on technology). 
I'm always a bit ambivalent about being away from working that long, 
because it's so hard to get the "rhythm" back when you return. 
The good news is that traveling really shakes thing up, 
(mentally, spiritually, physically)  
so I always come back ripe with new insights, ideas, and energy! 

  I did manage to squeeze in a few quiet moments by the pool to do some small sketches.   


  1. Glad you enjoyed your break! It always helps to come back rested and relaxed!

  2. So glad you had that time and NOW so glad you're back! sketching is so much fun - no pressure!

  3. I really love your sketches, Nancy. You are a wonderful inspiration! Glad to know that you could escape that awful New England weather for a nice time with family and sunshine.