Thursday, July 7, 2011

Senior Gardeners

Last week, as I was leaving the art class with the Alzheimer patients
 I stopped by the gardens that are maintained by some of the independent residents.
I was amazed by what I saw there! 
"Tending the Tomatoes"
10 x 10 

Every plot is meticulously cared for and 
is chock full of everything from annuals, perennials, and veggies. 
There are sculptures and benches and birdhouses and scarecrows. 
The folks I saw working there certainly looked very happy! 


  1. Love how you said so much so simply.

  2. Very nice to discover your blog via Karin Jurick. I agree with Pam, you simplified a complex scene beautifully... and from your plein airs, I see that you are one fast painter!

  3. Nancy, this painting has a wonderful feeling and makes me feel happy just looking at it. Maybe this garden is a good lesson for all of us not to get too removed from nature.