Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here a Painting, There a Painting

With the Fourth of July upon us
and the weather finally cooperating,
everyone is in vacation mode. 
Every where I look there are scenes to paint. 
Man and Friend 
8 x 10

 My "pictures to paint" file is getting HUGE! 
I'm certainly prepared for any rainy days ahead! 
Have a happy and safe holiday everyone! 
God Bless America.

1 comment:

  1. Nancy I am sitting at home in Vancouver and just happen to turn the TV on and was able to see the Macy's day fireworks in New York. I couldn't help but think of the great art work your Patience with Patients friends have done and was hoping some of them or people with the same affliction were able to see what I just saw on TV. I was completely in awe at how spectacular those fireworks were. Hope you have had a great 4th of July. Happy painting. Mary