Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Workshop Snapshots

 Thought I'd share a glimpse of the 
One Hour Painting Workshop
last weekend at the
South Shore Art Center. 
Twelve students, three simple still life set ups.

After the introductions, I did a quick demo
 explaining my step by step approach. 
Then I set a timer and off they go.  

Some of these are done by beginners! 

My Limited Stroke Exercise demo 
teaches you to really plan ahead and 
"be a designer!" 

This gal gave herself 12 strokes,
but then couldn't help herself.
She fussed it up to 22 !!!!
But great result! 

Three Value Exercise 
Student work 

I had them mark where the values were going.
D(dark) M(middle) L(light) 
Another way to think about design first! 

This was done by the cute 30 year old son 
 who took the workshop with his Mom!
All the way from Long Island! 
Never painted before.
How fun is that!?  

 The next day we had a quick critique 
of the previous days work.
Then for a warm up, 
we did the four Ten Minute Studies of one object. 
That isn't always everyone favorite but 
it gets you going! 

We spent the afternoon exploring  
"Painting from Photos"
Knowing what images will make good paintings and why 
is the key to the success of paintings from photos. 
We had a lively discussion about all the many new ways you can 
manipulate an image electronically
and ultimately do your planning and designing 
ahead of time.  

This was my 15 minute demo 
done from a photo. 

From the questionnaire I had the students fill out, 
it was suggested that 
"Painting From Photos" 
could be it's own workshop. 
Great idea! 
We just tipped the iceberg with that exercise. 
There is a lot to discover in that area
these days! 

Again, thank you to everyone who attended.
It was energizing and motivating!   


  1. Looks like a fun workshop, with great results!

  2. Look forward to all your posts. Love how you simplify the process.

  3. What a successful workshop. I heard RAVE reviews. You are so generous sharing your process. Thanks Honey

  4. My Son and his Mom LOVED the class and yes, he IS cute