Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Playing Around (with Mitchell again)

I have had this image of a Mitchell Johnson painting 
hanging in my studio for over a year now. 

Truro (Blue and Yellow) 
2012 22 x 28 oil on linen
by Mitchell Johnson

Then yesterday, I found this photo
I took in Truro in 2001.  
 (before digital) 
and thought I'd play around a little.  

I realized my fascination with MJ's paintings is the texture. 
( he uses a dry brush and a linen surface? )
I painted this on my usual canvas board, using lots of paint. 
Then took a palette knife 
to blur the lines and simplified the shapes.
At best.  

Truro (pink) 
10 x 12 


  1. I am really brought into that space! MJ is inspiring, would love to see the actual works to see more of his technique.

  2. I really like this Nancy. And the way you showed the three images. Great work as always!

  3. The great artists always make it look so simple, don't they?