Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Growing Pains

For the past few months I've been doing a lot of experimenting. 
And that has challenged me to make some daring (and painful) changes
in my approach to painting.
I call it growing pains. 
Without them, we would never grow. 
And it's never easy. 
This has been a long winter! 

Packin' Up 
12 x 12 oil 

Today I let go of all that and simply painted 
the way I want to paint.
It was so fun and incredibly liberating. 
Feels like the ice is slowly breaking around me. 
Perhaps the long awaited breakthrough is approaching!   

A favorite quote:
"You have to have a break down, 
in order to have break through!" 


  1. I know exactly how you feel Nancy!......I have been going through the same process ! Love your work!!!

  2. It's so true Nancy. It's tough when you're in it though. After a tough stretch I always wonder if I have another painting in me or if I have completely forgotten how to paint. This piece is wonderful. I really like what you're doing! So strong.

  3. Me too. Been ruminating for a long time about breaking out. Still thinking and experimenting.