Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Expression with Shape, Line, and Color

This week I had everyone choose an image that 
evokes a specific mood or feeling.
They were then asked to write down three words describing
 the feeling or mood the painting was to express. 
Then they wrote down ways they could use
shape, line, and color to evoke that in their painting. 

My 20 minute demo of 
two girls lighting a Sky Lantern. 

We planned our value patterns by using a marker 

on the big shapes directly on the photograph, 
then painted from that, upside down. 

My three words were: 
magical, fire light, nocturnal

The results were amazing. 
Here is just one example.   

Kim printed her photo (right) using a phone app called Pic Palette 
that blurred the lines and broke it down for her. 

Painting it upside down forced her to focus on just shapes.  

This exercise helps you loosen up and 
see big shapes in a whole new way. 
Almost like putting together a puzzle. 

Then it is such a treat to turn them over!  
This says everything she wanted it to.
Winter, Waiting, Patience

 As always I learn so much from these students!  

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  1. These couldn't be any cooler. Love the teaching and your approach. The paintings are very cool abstractions also