Friday, March 17, 2017

Generational Painting

Just back from the Mark Daniel Nelson 
workshop at the Scottsdale Artist School
and my head is spinning! 
He is an incredibly knowledgable, generous, and enthusiastic 
instructor and I am newly inspired 
by all the new tools I've been given!   

One of the many exercises we did, 
was called "generational" painting. 
Starting with an image, you do a quick painting.
Then you do another, using that painting as a reference,
then do another, then another, 
focusing on the big shapes and eliminating more detail each time.

My fourth generation 
oil sketch
from this image.

This exercise is a great way to break away from representation
 in a gradual progression that makes sense.
So fun! 

I can't wait to get busy in the studio now. 
Stay tuned.   

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