Saturday, June 3, 2017


 I have not given up blogging and look forward to posting again,
when I paint something worth talking about!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying doing everything else
life offers this time of year;
spring cleaning, organizing, moving,
reading, researching, and playing.

Meanwhile, at the Matisse exhibit at the MFA a few weeks ago
I was impressed by his cut paper collages.  

Matisse achieved a new level of concentrated formal expression with his cut-outs.
 With scissors, he carved shapes from brightly colored paper, 
which he then arranged into compositions 
that meld color, line and the movement of the artist’s hand. 
He condensed elements to become, in his words, 
“The briefest possible indication of the character of a thing. 
A sign. “

Talk about inspiration!  

Stay tuned. 

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