Friday, December 21, 2018

Workshop added and Important Message!

After the holiday hub-bub sudsides,
want to give yourself something to look forward to?
I've just added a one day workshop at North River Arts 
Saturday April 27 
9-4 pm 

Yellow Cup 
20 x 20 oil

"Breaking the Literal Habit"
Step away from the representational and 
discover ways to make your paintings more engaging and contemporary. 
We'll take what we see (literally) and explore new approaches 
to expressing that idea or subject in a more personal and creative way.  
We'll work from still life, photos, and our imagination. 
Come for a fun day of discovery.  

I'll be launching a new website and blog format 
after the New Year.
I don't want to lose you! 
In order for you to continue 
to receive this blog you 
need to email me at 
before Jan. 1! 

Then I can transfer your address to the new server. 
This won't be the first time you'll receive this. 
I just don't want to lose you.

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