Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Sales

Tonight I am dropping off 20 unframed paintings for the Annual North River Arts Holiday Sale taking place this weekend.(Sat and Sun 10 - 4) Artists can put in up to 20 pieces, framed or unframed "priced to sell" (most selling in the under $200 price range)
This event poses many questions. Is it a good idea to "let your work go" at discounted prices?  Does it de-value your "good" work out there if you sell your "not-so-good" work cheaply? Do you really want your "not-so-good" work out there with your name on it?

Here are some samples of what I'm submitting

Distant 4th Cliff
6 x 12 unframed

9 x 12 unframed
Humarock Hills
12 x 12 unframed
 While I really like all the paintings I am putting in, most of them were done a while ago and it's time for me to move on and make room for new work! 
Besides, I'd rather have them out there making someone happy than hanging around my studio.

Better get there early!  

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