Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Magic of Plein Air Painting

At the last minute yesterday,  I was able to take an amazing plein air workshop with two very accomplished and talented artists; Page Railsback and Lisa Daria Kennedy
It was held on a privately owned piece of land that sits on a rocky bluff surrounded on three sides by water.  There are all kinds of very weathered, rather higgly piggly cottages, barns and boat houses out there, and the brilliant early winter light by the sea and warm temps made it all pretty magical.

Page's  demo
Acrylic on large paper stapled to a board.
I would never have thought to make the sky orange!

Lisa 's demo
Acrylic on a 4 x 4 panel
She puts a stroke down and leaves it alone.
Fun to watch!

Both artists use acrylics. 
Although their approaches are very different, they do not draw anything on the canvas before painting. They just start right in with paint! 
The results are some pretty amazing loose and abstract paintings. 

My attempt at putting strokes down and leaving it alone.
6 x 6