Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Love Teaching

Teaching is so good for me. 
It makes me organize my thoughts.
It makes me think on my feet. 
I get to interact with like minded folks.
And I learn so much! 

I started my six week Back to Basics class today 
and got all of the above in a big wonderful dose!

Session One: 
"Drawing for Painting"
I did a demo focussing on the position of objects 
 and their relationship with each other.  
And how to use your brush as a measuring tool.

I'd set up a life using objects from 
Drawing simple spheres and blocks is not so simple. 
But once I got the drawing in, I was on a roll
 so it turned into a full blown discussion about value.
 That took the lesson much further than planned,  
so they only had 45 minutes to get to work. 
They dove right in with incredible results.  
Here are just two images of their work 
I managed to get with my I phone in all the excitement. 


This is going to be a great class.  
Tremendous enthusiasm and hidden talent.  
I'm inspired and energized again.

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  1. You sound like a great teacher, in love with your subject. I'm so interested in how you plan your sessions.