Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Real Lesson

Back to Basics Class #2

The planned lesson this week was about defining 
and recognizing common painting vocabulary:

main source light / ambient light / cast shadows
 form shadows / shadow core / reflected light etc. 

I chose, what I thought would be a simple up 
for a quick demo. 

 I found myself in trouble right away, 
by making the shadow sides of the bananas way too dark. 
Then I noticed the reflected light off that red cloth 
actually made the bananas glow! 

As challenging as demos can be, 
they are great teaching and learning tools. 

Watching me struggle, figure it out, and make adjustments
was the real lesson here, I think. 
For all of us! 


  1. I don't know Nancy...this looks good to me!

  2. this is great! The red is a really interesting choice and works beautifully.
    I agree about the lesson. I actually began that painting I posted yesterday , as the demo for my two private students. Finished it later. I'm much more comfortable with demos than I was, as well.