Friday, June 21, 2013

A "Charmed Life"

My mother used to say that I lead a 
"Charmed Life".
I have to agree with her! 
Especially when I get to meet and know incredibly talented,
creative, and charming woman. 

Wednesday, my Garden Club met at the home of
Kris Brennan, the owner of Designs Outdoor.
She is a stone sculptor.
Every where you look, there is a surprise
all over her amazing property. 

She has a turquoise front loader! 
How cool is that? 
Scroll down to her name here to read her fascinating story. 

Then yesterday my friend Joan Brancale and I got a chance 
meet Beth Dacey, an incredible oil painter.
She, like Joan, uses vintage family photos for her inspiration.
We gabbed about art, galleries, materials, marketing, families, pets, etc.
and got to see her awesome studio on Harrison Ave in Boston. 
It was incredibly inspiring and we're excited to have a new friend! 

This is a commission she is working on. 

I guess three IS a charm!
Because today I heard the wonderful news that my
friend Page Railsback
won the Copley Society's
Fine Arts Work Center Residency 
for the month of September in Provincetown.
I am so happy for her.
She is so deserving of this!

Lucky me to have these dynamic
people in my life. 


  1. Wow..Thanks for mention Nance..Love Beth Dacey's work.She takes it to a new level

  2. Wow! Your mom was right! Wonderful post, and congrats to Page!

  3. What a day and Congratulations to Page too!