Monday, June 10, 2013

Time to Play

Summer's here, the pressure is off,
and I'm excited to be able to "play with paint" again! 

I got a new tripod 
for my Canon Power Shot SX30 
(thank you Karin Jurick!) 
and set it up on the deck at the beach.
The 35X zoom gives me subject matter galore! 

"Party of Five" 
9 x 12 

 Just playing with figures from photos, 
in preparation for the PKR "Figure in the Landscape" workshop 
I'm taking in July. 
My goal is to be able paint something like this
en plein air from the deck by the end of the summer! 
Quick, spontaneous, fun. 

The South Shore Art Center 
is this weekend in Cohasset, MA. 
An incredibly well orchestrated, art filled event. 
There is something wonderful for everyone! 

My small piece will be in the Juried Show under the tent!  
Busy Beach Day 
8 x 10 

Do Stop By! 


  1. LOVE LOVE both pieces.. See you in 10 days..Can't wait

  2. I put the first photo on my desktop background; hope you don't mind. It's just to inspire me to try.