Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Seeing Green

 I've been feeling the need to paint something GREEN,
after being at the beach so long,
(and before the Fall colors hit!)

"World's End"
11 x 14 
oil on paper

I did this from an image I took on a walk at
on an overcast day recently. 
My goal was to break the scene down to just big shapes 
and exaggerate the color. 
I kind of over worked it in the end,
 but it sure was fun using all that viridian, sap, and lemon yellow!  
Again, loosely inspired by this cover on one of 

Ironically, when I got home from the studio, 
I found an email from my blogger friend Nancy Hartley
suggesting I look up  Curtis Fields, 
 a California artist known for his "stylized realism" paintings.   

Cattle Under Oak Tree
1980 36 x 36 
by Curtis Fields 
(1921- 1980)

For this, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the World Wide Web. 
Thank you fellow artists, for sharing. 


  1. The NANCY'S are where it is at Folks. You two keep me excited and inspired endlessly. I have a favorite also..French artist Roger Muhl.

  2. The fact that my personal and art friends are just this big net of sharing, caring people is so fabulous! I agree Page - the Nancys are IT!

  3. Nancy great painting, and great post. Thank you for mentioning me, along with Curtis Fields. I love blogging, for this very reason, beautiful people, and beautiful art!