Monday, December 16, 2013

Internet Inspiration

I'm finding a lot of inspiration on the internet lately. 
Mostly following artists' blogs whose work 
leans toward the more 
expressionist / contemporary / colorful.
Ann Winthrop Cordin's work inspired me today.  

"Fake Tulips"
12 x 12 

This was inspired by Anne's painting below. 
It's been hanging in my studio for weeks
with a note (from me) that says,
"set up a simple still life using glass". 

The simplicity of the angles and the strong value pattern 
 is very appealing to me. 

This was a fun exercise.
Although, I only had those fake red tulips 
and they were well,


  1. I love it when fellow artists introduce me to another artist's work! I love how you captured the effect of the glass on fake is brilliant! Merry Christmas too!

  2. Why Thank you Nancy! I love all the patterns in your glass vase, and the palette of your painting.Background color shifts are brilliant!