Monday, December 9, 2013

"Painting with Purpose" Exercise

I bought some 9 x 12  Arches Oil Paper recently 
to use for exercises and experiments. 

Twirling #1
(oil on paper)

For this one, I took the (slightly fussed over )
"Twirling" painting from my last post 
and looked at just the big shapes.

I used one stroke, one value per shape. 
Twirling #2

A totally different result! 
I did a careful drawing on the paper,
(marking the shadow shapes) 
turned it upside down,
and put the image away.  

This exercise teaches us to paint with more purpose, 
making each brushstroke more meaningful! 

I may call this the 
"Paint with Purpose" exercise! 


  1. I love the movement in this painting and the way you simplify your strokes....beautiful!

  2. I really love how the colors contrast each other. Also the idea of movement in this painting is very lovely.