Friday, March 21, 2014

High / Low Key Exercise

We had our last class of the winter session today
(and it was the first day of spring)
so I thought I'd try something new.

High Keyed Demo
9 x 12

We set up a simple still life using
very light colored objects.

Using a 10 value scale, we were to use only the top 5 values,
(middle value being the darkest dark)

We blocked in everything in shadow with yellow ochre
to use a "guide".
Then only used values lighter than that
for the rest of it.

Then we painted the same subject  
using only the lower (darker) values 5 - 10! 
How do you paint white tulips without using white???

This exercise forces you to think about using values 
relative to each other 
in order to create a mood or overall feeling in a painting. 
High Keyed or Low Keyed Paintings can be very dramatic! 

One of the joys of teaching! 
A generous gift from one of my students, 
Happiness in a bottle! 
Thank you Marsha! 


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