Wednesday, June 11, 2014

LMFP at it again

'Through the Dunes"
9 x 12 

Did this from one of the sketches I did over the weekend. 
I felt like Little Miss Fussy Pants showed up for this! 
Sometimes that happens when I 
think too much about the painting ahead of time! 
Damn her. 


  1. No, no! I love it! It's just enough detail to be illustrative (I'm thinking... is this a daily routine for them? Where the heck did they park? Are they sisters? Friends?) You can FEEL how much they can't wait to get to that nice sand! Well done!

  2. Funny thing! They ARE sisters! Charlene and Darlene. They are our new neighbors!

  3. Fussy pants or not....I love this...figure gestures are great!