Monday, June 2, 2014

Mud Heads

While teaching painting in Provincetown in the early 1900's 
 Charles Hawthorne had his students 
paint models on the beach with their backs to the sun.  
The mud-like color of the face in shadow
gave rise to the nickname "mud heads". 

Mud Head Study #1

Mud Head Study #2

"The quality of a study was judged by the effectiveness with which 
the light was suggested by simple shapes of color."

What an important lesson in values! 
 I'm going to incorporate an exercise on this 
in my Figure in the Sunlight class at NRAS this summer. 

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  1. How amazing!! This painting is truly fascinating!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful stuff my dear! Well, I am looking for some ideas for my new Aboriginal Art painting. I was wondering if you can share the ideas!! I am waiting.